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Game Time!

I’v released my first two games. iOS only for now, but I’m in the process of writing them for Android as well. Since we’re right in the middle of the political season and it’s extra crazy this go around, I thought it would be fun to poke fun at the candidates. So here they are:

Trumpy Bird Extreme!


Hilly Bird

I’m also working on one for Bernie Sanders that should hopefully be release in a couple of days. Try them out and let me know what you think!

First App Submitted!

I just submitted the first build of Board Calc, my first iOS app to the Apple app store for review! I’m not sure what the average review time is right now, especially being a weekend, but it’s still pretty exciting.

Since this is my first app and I’m not a very good programmer, I’m not getting my hopes too high. I expect to have the first build rejected for something I’ve overlooked. Hopefully whatever it is, it’ll be easy to correct and then I can upload a second build.

As soon as I find out it’s approved I’ll post the link to its App Store page. It is a free app (with a little ad support) so I hope lots of folks will try it. I’ll start on an Android version soon too.


Camtasia 7.1 & Contour ShuttleXpress

I’ve had a Contour ShuttleXpress for years that I use with Sony Vegas when editing. It’s cheaper than the ShuttlePro and not nearly as complicated. I only use it for the most common functions so all the extra buttons on the ShuttlePro was overkill. The Xpress has been pretty much perfect. The only thing I would change is the weight. I’d like it to be a little heavier, but the purposes of this post that is neither here nor there.

Anyway, one of my projects at work is to create some user tutorials for the software we make for an upcoming release. The time between when the final version releases for beta and when it releases for all users is quite small – less than two weeks. Not a lot of time to get the tutorials ready. It’s also not the only big project I’m working on so anything I can do to maximize my efficiency is needed. Enter my Contour ShuttleXpress.

My workstation at work is running Windows 7 Pro and driver-wise, the Shuttle is right at home. I’m using Camtasia Studio 7 for screen capture and producing the final videos. The problem is in the button mapping. When you install Shuttle’s control panel software there are lots of software options but Camtasia isn’t one of them. So I decided to make my own. Techsmith (makers of Camtasia) have some pretty decent good documentation for the Camtasia hotkeys. See it here.

With the Camtasia documentation in hand, I started going through the functions I use most frequently and started mapping them to the various buttons and the jog wheel. Now editing is much faster. If you use Camtasia* and have a ShuttleXpress or plan on adding one to your toolset you can download my Camtasia prefs file for your Shuttle.

Download it here: Camtasia Studio 7 РShuttleXpress Prefs

*Note – This was created for Camtasia Studio 7 in Windows. It has not been tested ¬†with Camtasia for Mac. You can buy me Camtasia Mac and I’d be glad to test it and/or make one for that version.





WordCampSLC 2011

So today I’m recharging my geek batteries and attending WordCampSLC 2011. There are a few sessions about theme development that I am looking forward to. Maybe I’ll pick up some tricks that will help me finally make this site (and my other sites) not look so ass-tastic.

Updates to come…

The more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know

I’ve spent the last few weeks reading and getting more books on Lua, game development, Xcode and everything else I can get a hold of. There is so much information out there. It makes me wish I had one of those gizmos from The Matrix that Neo used to learn Kungo Fu in like 5 seconds. As I’ve gone through demo examples of code in some of the books it has become apparent there have been some big changes in code as the newer Xcode versions are released. Things that worked 2 years ago perfectly, don’t work now. Oh well.

As I’ve been trying to get my hands around Corona and Lua I’ve started converting the stargate simulator I made for school a while back from javascript to Lua. There are a lot of similarities, but just enough difference that I don’t quite have it figured out yet. It all displays properly but some of buttons don’t update things as they should. Luckily the folks over at Ansca have lots of examples and tutorials for me to dig through to find the answers I need. It would be nice to have a print-copy of a book which, from what I’ve read, there are a couple folks out there working on texts for Corona SDK. Sure hope that happens soon.

Another thing I’ve been contemplating is what types of apps I want to direct my energies towards. My hope of course is to come up with something that would be a huge success in the app store so I can quit and do this full-time. That may be a little naive, but that is the goal.

We’ll see how it goes I guess…